Crystal Wings & Night Things

"Earrings are like orgasms. You can never have too many" - Nora Roberts

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All items are shown larger than actually size.
Gold and Snow

Tiny simulated crystals are embedded in these golden snow flakes. French Hook and 1 inch in length.
$15 Item #e23
Sun Drop

1 1/2 inches in length - posts. The muted gold surrounds the center sun stone.
$15 Item #e89
Cinder Swept

Cinderella would have loved these 3 inch shoulder sweepers. Light blue offsets the clear center stones. Post style.
$30 Item #e33
2 inches of night time fun. The multi faceted balls reflect the light in an array of hues including purple, gold and silver.
$10 Item #e66
Holly Beads

Each Holly bead is hand wrapped onto the gold center chain, using head pins. The mixed berry/leaves measure 2 inches in length and are posts.
$10 Item #e12
Hammer Time

Each earring has 12 different pieces of hammered metal sweeping down its almost 3 inch length. The color appears to go from black, to bronze and silver depending on the lighting.
$15 Item #e99
Orange Pop

This French Hook design has 2 inches of muted orange covered by gilded gold design.
$15 Item #e45

Who can resist this little piggy's little snout?
1 inch - French Hook
$10 Item #e87
Kerm - me

2 inches long, three circles swirling around light green beads.
$10 Item #e64
Purple Haze

1 1/2 inches of pure purple passion. Elegant with a hint of whimsy. French Hook
$15 Item #e75

Flutter By
If you hold very still a butterfly will land on your hand - or in this case your ear.
$15 Item #e84

Delicate marcasite crosses with small
off set colored stones
$15 Item #e54

Moving Metal
Hammered metal circles are adorned by crystals. 1 1/2 inches of pure moving metal.
$20 Item #e46

These metal shields are hand painted in purple, green and maroon. Your own super power.
$15 Item #e15

2 inches of yellow and bling - enough said!
$15 Item #e37

Tiger Cubes
Six pieces of hand tumbled Tiger's Eye wire wrapped to make an inch of pure power. French Hook
$20 Item #e16

Warm Honey
Gold filigree surrounds a multifaceted sun focal stone. French Hook
$15 Item #e33

Classic white and diamonique. These posts are ready for that special dinner.
$30 Item #e11

1 1/2 inches of pure purple passion. Elegant with a hint of whimsy. French Hook
$15 Item #e75

Rose & Gold
The French Hook earrings are 2 inches long, alabaster white - with a subtle rose and golden cross pattern.

$15 Item #e46

Hand polished black obsidian stones provide 2 inch of pure midnight beauty on French Hooks.

Zip It
Zippers, hearts, ponies and chains. These posts make a statement.
$15 Item #35